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HD Video System

The digital HD video system "LabEye" is your ideal partner for dissolution testing, both in development and quality assurance!

Observing the physical dissolution process is time-consuming and often difficult to reconcile with the other work. A check whether the dosage form in the vessel is correctly located at the bottom of the vessel and how it finally disintegrates can usually not be fully documented.

With LabEye you can observe your dissolution test remotely from your workstation using "Remote Access" (option) and take a snapshot if necessary. Or you can document the progress of your dissolution test completely visually using ultra-high-resolution video recording or timed snapshots while you can use your time for other purposes. The very large amount of data in HD videos are stored in an optimized manner, so that a "real-time recording" is guaranteed. You can then summarize the visual dissolution process in a short time in HD quality in detail and precisely in order to initiate improvements in a targeted manner. The recorded videos or photos are digitally encrypted so that manipulation would be discovered! You are on the safe path with regard to data integrity, so that LabEye can also be used officially as documentation in QC.

Finally, the documentation - via video or snapshot - of the smooth course of the decay test in quality assurance optimizes your GMP.

The LabEye system can be used flexibly for different dissolution testers, with 1 or many cameras as required. Focusing lenses can be attached for special applications. Some sample images can be found in the gallery.

Use your time more effectively with LabEye! The purchase pays for itself after a short time!


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