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Browser-Interface Back-Package

Backup-Package for the Browser-Interface for complete system backup for RIGGTEK instruments


The "Browser-Interface" is a standard feature of all new RIGGTEK instruments* and easily integrates into your IT infrastructure without PC software installation. It allows easy administration of the individual instrument via network and a standard (Web-) Browser. Individual Rolemanagement, Usermanagement and many more features are already included as standard features.
The Backup-Package is an additional firmware for the standard Browser-Interface to enable manual or automatic backups of the entire system (all data and system-relevant settings) to USB or FTP server.


Article numbers:

0499.0015 Backup-Package for Browser Interface for Sampilio X8
0499.0019 Backup-Package for Browser Interface for DissoPrep (X8 and X15)


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*DissoPrep X8 and X15, Sampilio X8, easyDISS only in connection with Sampilio X8

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