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Dissolution Tester


The easyDISS TX8 is the reliable, flexible and easy to use dissolution tester with a lot of available accessories.


Reliable, flexible and easy to use

The easyDISS represents the reliable "workhorse" under the Dissolution Testers. CNC production techniques guarantee the highest standards of quality and performance, meeting the latest specifications as laid down in the European, United States and associated Pharmacopoeias. And with the essential features, which our customers advised us as being "ideal", the easy operation gets soon a smile on the face of the user!

With a lot of available accessories and its cooling option for nano-formulations down to 4°C, it is flexible for all kind of applications.

Extremely compact with six (easyDISS TX6) vessels, they are ideal for both R&D and quality control applications.


The special features of the easyDISS are:

  • Sturdy, robust construction for a maximum of reliablity
  • Certificate of Compliance to USP/PH.Eur.
  • easy to use operation with e.g.
  • baskets and paddles for method changes is seconds
  • "Easy-Centre" vessel fixture for vessel changes in seconds
  • cooling option for nano-formulations (4°C - 65°C, special external thermostate and isolation)
  • Protocol print-outs by parallel or USB port
  • etc.


A lot of accessories are available:

    • Laser Numbering and Certification
    • Teflon Coating
    • Amber vessels and covers
    • Automatic Tablet Drop System
    • Padle over Disk according USP5
    • Rotating Cylinders according USP6
    • Immersion Cell for testing of semisolids
    • Small Volume Conversion Kits
    • Intrinsic Dissolution
    • etc.


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Most important features:

100% USP/EP/JP compliant

Minimum space requirement

robust and reliable

wide range of accessories

Quick and easy to use

controllable and administrable via Sampilio