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About us

RIGGTEK Dissolution Test Systems arised of the DISTEK Dissolution Test Systems company founded in 1996 by Dipl. Ing. Hansjürgen Riggenmann in Munich, Germany. In the course of the renaming of the family business in 2007, RIGGTEK GmbH was founded by Dipl.Oec.Troph.Univ. Martina Riggenmann and Andreas Singer. Hansjürgen Riggenmann retired from operational business and has been advising RIGGTEK in an advisory board since then. Since 2010 Dipl.Ing. Mr. Thomas Riggenmann und Mr. Andreas Singer are leading the company.

Originally with experience in High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) and in pharmaceutical quality testing, we are now focused on the dissolution of solid and semi-solid dosage forms.

We are on the market with the Dissolution Media Preparation Station DissoPrep X8® (8 liter version - until 08/2008 DosaPrep X8 and OEM version DissoFill, DisPrep 100) since 1996. This was followed later by the 15 liter version DissoPrep X15®, the dissolution autosampler Sampilio®, the dissolution tester easyDISS® and the dissolution tester Dissilio®.



In the area of tablet dissolution tests, our own developments are products that combine innovation, reliability, smart features and user-friendliness in a unique way! That is why our customers are many of the world's largest pharmaceutical companies. 

With our innovative DissoPrep® we are the leading provider of Dissolution Medium Preparation Stations worldwide since the year 1996.

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Corporate philosophy

We see ourselves as an important part in the drug development and are aware that we are contributing to the well-being of people. That is why we work with great precision, passion, experience and know-how on our products and our customer support.

In order to live up to our ideals, we are guided by the following principles:


Hand in hand with our customers!

You as a satisfied customer are our highest good. Your requirements for our devices and service are our incentive. We want to be a strong and reliable partner for you, who makes your daily work easier and reduces the ongoing laboratory costs with our products and our service.

Quality is the key!

Only the best quality leads to satisfied customers. The highest possible quality of products and processes can only be achieved through competent staff and clear structures that always focus on the customer. To achieve this, we have been certified to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 with our quality management for more than ten years and to live "Made in Germany" day for day.

DIN EN ISO 9001:2015

Premium customer service is our strength!

Expert advice, individual solutions and best service are a matter of course for us. Therefore, we always work competently, quickly, reliably, customer and solution-oriented.

With the best team to the goal!

The RIGGTEK team is characterized by friendliness, competence, reliability, team spirit, loyalty and motivation and thus contributes to the success of the company every day.

With heart and mind!

Passed on experience, accumulated knowledge and enthusiasm are the foundation for us to always offer the best solutions with innovative technology at the best price to our customers. Because your satisfaction is important to us.

With strong partners ahead!

Comprehensive customer service can only be offered through competent and innovative partners. Therefore, we carefully select our partners and suppliers and maintain good, respectful and long-term relationships with them.

We want to be a role model!

Through environmental, sustainable behavior and the promotion of the next generation, we fulfill our social responsibility.

We take sustainability into account from various aspects, here are some examples:
Production: We manufacture exclusively at our location in Germany and use almost only suppliers with short supply chains. Avoiding and separating waste is a matter of course.
Support: Our fleet consists of vehicles with low CO2 emissions according to the latest emission standards, some of them are plug-in-hybrids. The service trips are always planned taking the shortest routes into account.
Instruments: Our DissoPrep saves a lot of energy through efficient heating and insolation and saves a lot of energy through shorter heating times in a water bath. Our new dissolution tester will bring an energy-saving concept to the market for the first time in the industry.
Buildings: All of our areas are illuminated with energy-saving LEDs, we waived an conditioning and the server heat is used for heating the incoming goods area.