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Our Team

With the best team to the goal!

In the RIGGTEK team, we set highest priority on friendliness, competence, reliability, team spirit, loyalty and motivation and so our team contributes to the success of the company every day.

In the following we introduce you to some members of our team who have contact with you as a customer.


Andreas Singer

Andreas is CEO / managing partner and is responsible for the entire technical area such as product development (Hardware & Software), manufacturing, purchasing, IT and the technical training of international distributors.

P: +49 89 2302469-0
Thomas Riggenmann

Thomas is CEO / managing partner and is responsible for Sales, Service, Finance and Quality Management.

P: +49 89 2302469-0
Christiane Wohlfart
Executive Assistent to the CEO

Christiane is our executive assistant for many years. She takes care of office administration, purchasing and finances. In addition, she is responsible for event planning, either for business (Analytica) or for private reasons (like the summer party, hiking day). That´s why she is often in contact with customers and suppliers.

P: +49 89 2302469-0
Andrej Kralj
Service Technician

Andrej is part of our service team and works for you in the field.

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Bartlomiej Duda
Manufacturing / Service Technician / IT

Bart works in production, but is flexible and sometimes steps in to support tasks.

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Adam Laverdure
Manufacturing / Service Technician

Adam works in our production and also take care about your inquiries as in-house service technician.

P: +49 89 2302469-11
Anja Derheld

Anja pounces on all question around sales and marketing.

P: +49 89 2302369-10
Company Dog, security officer

Marlon is with us since 2015 und is happy to get any treats from his colleagues.

P: +49 89 2302469-0