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QLA's Basket Holders provide a convenient way to organize and store baskets when not in use. The likelihood of baskets being accidentally damaged can be greatly reduced by using a good quality Basket Holder.

Main advantages:

  • Compatible with all common basket types (Agilent, Distek, Erweka, Hanson, Pharmatest, Sotax)
  • To ensure your testing meets USP requirements, it is important that the baskets are not bent or deformed
  • O-rings ensure that the baskets are held firmly on the holder
  • Fully stackable to maximize storage space and transport many baskets
  • Low cost - it pays for itself by preventing damage to baskets!


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Part NoDescriptionOEM Ref
BSKHLD-6 6 Position Basket Holder QLA
BSKHLD-12 12 Position Basket Holder QLA