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COPLEY Vessel Cover



Media loss through evaporation can be significant. Vessel covers should reduce these problems and provide openings to accommodate needles, stoppers and temperature probes and allow for easy dispensing of the dosage form. By using cannulas and stoppers that match the lid, the sampling point should always be precisely and correctly defined in order to work compliantly and reproducibly.

The offered lids cover a large number of individual wishes.


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Part NoDescriptionOEM Ref
0402.0161 Vessel Cover,clear acryl, membrane sealed 1353
COVERD-01 Clear Hinged Cover QLA
COVERD-02 Amber Hinged Cover QLA
COVERD-BK Clear Hinged Cover with Large Center Hole for Easy Basket Access includes cap QLA
COVERAD-BK Amber Hinged Cover with Large Center Hole for Easy Basket Access includes cap  QLA 
COVCAP-DK Clear Cap for COVERD-BK cover QLA 
COVCAP-AD Amber Cap for COVERAD-BK cover QLA 
COVDHG-SB Clear Hinged Cover for Stationary Basket QLA 
COVADHG-SB Amber Hinged Cover with Extra Hole for Stationary Basket for Distek Baths QLA 
COVPLG-7D 7th Position Cover Plug QLA 
COVPLG-DK Probe Hole Plugs for Distek Covers QLA 
HINGE-DK Plastic Hinged for Distek Covers QLA 
1202.0001 Automatic Tablet Drop for Copley, one position 1312