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HANSON Paddles



Paddles are subject to very strict tolerances according to the pharmacopeias. QLA meets these high quality requirements in a wide variety of designs and always confirms this with a certificate.


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Part NoDescriptionOEM Ref
 EPD016-01  16" (405mm) Paddle, Electropolished 316 SS, Serialized  65-700-036
 NPD016-01  16" (405mm) Paddle, PTFE coated over 316 SS, Serialized  QLA
 TPD016-01  16" (405mm) Paddle, Solid Molded, Fluoropolymer, One Piece Design, Serialized  72-800-456
 TPD018-01  18" (460mm) Paddle, Solid Molded Fluoropolymer, One Piece Design, Serialized  72-800-461

Note: Hanson Vision 2-piece Shafts can be found in SPIN SHAFT Section, cataloge page 14.