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Qualification Tool for height measuring and setting


The correct height setting between the "stirring element" (e.g. paddle or basket) to the bottom of the vessel is an important varialbe in the dissolution tester, which can significantly influence the results of the dissolution test. Setting the height outside the tolerance can change the hydrodynamics of the medium in the vessel and distort the release rate.


With the "LevelProbe" from RIGGTEK, you can easily measure and set the height of all dissolution testers with "High-Head" in seconds, even for vessels with a small diameter or a large height, such as with 2-liter vessels. Inaccurate measurements and difficult handling as with balls of different sizes are a thing of the past.


Pass the LevelProbe under the stirring element and get it in touch with the shaft. Then pull up the moving part with one finger and read the currently set height between the stirring element and the bottom of the vessel.

If the height is not correct, set the correct height (e.g. 25mm) on the LevelProbe and fix it with the fixing screw. Guide the LevelProbe back under the shaft, lower the shaft onto the LevelProbe and fix the correct height of the shaft.


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