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PHARMATEST Shafts & Adapters



Shafts and basket adapters not only have to provide a permanent, secure hold for the baskets, they also have to be absolutely vertical to prevent wobble. QLA has many years of experience here and ensures the highest quality with a certificate.


Spin shafts offer a quick and convenient way to switch between the paddle and basket method (or any other method) without readjusting the shaft height. QLA manufactures with high precision in the best quality. Therefore, of course, all Spin shafts are laser-marked with a unique serial number and come with a COC (Certificate of Conformance).

serial number QLA


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Part NoDescriptionOEM Ref
BSKHUB-PT Basket Adapter Hub for Pharmatest Basket (Old Style/Threaded), 316 SS, Serialized QLA
SHFT17-PT 16.97” (431mm) Detachable Threaded 10mm OD Shaft for Pharmatest, 316 SS, Serialized QLA
SPNBSK-PT Spin ON/OFF Spring Clip Style Basket Shaft with 10mm OD for Pharmatest (internal thread), 316 SS, Serialized (Upper Shaft available separately) QLA