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Precision Vessels



Dissolution vessels provide the space for drug release and should therefore be identical in shape whenever possible, as these and others have shown that small variations in vessel dimensions contribute to excessive changes in dissolution. Since vessels are usually hot-formed / drawn from glass tubes, deviations in vessel wall symmetry, wall thickness and curvature of the floor can occur.

QLA offers vessels of the highest quality and comparability and always confirms this with a certificate (Certificate of Conformance, on request also Certificate of Analysis).

In addition, the QLA UltraCenter ™ Precision Vessels with their unique casting process offer even greater precision and reproducibility of your test results. The unique manufacturing process ensures a precise and reproducible interior such as diameter, wall thickness and spherical base. These unique vessels are compatible with most dissolution baths and have been adopted as the standard by many major pharmaceutical companies.
Coupled with QLA's AccuBracket ™ (see each brand's Vessels and Accessories section) your lab will achieve the highest vessel centering accuracy available.

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