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Vessel Rack

Safe transport of vessels


Our special vessel racks are helping to to safely and quickly transport up to 6 or 8 vessels - e.g. from the dissolution tester to the sink or from the more distant disso rep * to the dissolution tester.
The special design ensures a safe grip, ergonomic carrying and a good isolation in case warm media is carried.

The vessel racks are suitable for all common vessels available on the market for all common dissolution testers with a maximum outer diameter of 11cm and a height of 17cm.


Further Vessel Racks are available in the QLA-catalogue.


* We recommend placing the DissoPrep near the dissolution tester for direct filling or, if necessary, make it mobile with a LabCart and UPS. In exceptional cases, our vessel racks can also be used to transport medium from the DissoPrep to the dissolution tester. The main use should be the transport of vessels from the dissolution tester to the sink after the dissolution test.



L 545mm x B 290mm x H 240mm (6 positions)

L 695mm x B 290mm x H 240mm (8 positions)






2,9 kg (6 position), 4,1 kg (8 position)


Article numbers:

DPX-VR2-6 (for 6 vessels)

DPX-VR2-8 (for 8 vessels)


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