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Dissilio Automatic Tablet-Drop

Automatic Tablet-Drop for the RIGGTEK Dissilio


The automatic tablet insertion system for the Dissilio is simple and reliable.
The tablets are placed in a chamber on a special vessel cover for each vessel position (max. diameter 20mm, max. length 26mm, max. width 8mm) and simultaneously thrown into the vessel when the dissolution test starts. After the start, the insertion hole is automatically closed with a small lid. A combination with other vessel covers is not possible and is only intended for simultaneous (not delayed) automatic throw-in.



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Automatic Tablet Drop, for RIGGTEK Dissilio, with closing of injection hole, for one position/vessel. Chambers for placing the tablets max. diameter 20mm, max. length 26mm, max. width 8mm on the dissolution vessel covers and ejected into the vessels simultaneously at the start of the test. After start, the injection hole will be closed with a small cover.Vessel covers are included. Combination with low evaporation covers not possible.