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Dissilio Driver-DissoPrep

DissoPrep Driver for the RIGGTEK Dissilio*


You would like to have the data of the medium preparation also on the report for your dissolution test and thus achieve an extended data integrity?
With the DissoPrep driver you can select with which DissoPrep medium filling station and which run/report you have prepared the media for your dissolution test with the Dissilio and thus integrate the complete report of the media preparation into your dissolution test report. So the assignment of media preparation and dissolution test is always given.

The DissoPrep driver offers the comfort of extended data integrity - "SIMPLY SMART".


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* specifications are subject of change without further notice


Part NoDescription
0499.0035 Dissilio Driver, for DissoPrep

additional firmware for increasing your data integrity by including the reports of the used RIGGTEK Media Preparation Station DissoPrep into the reports of the Dissilio.