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Dissilio ENERGY-Light-Package

ENERGY-LIGHT-Package for the RIGGTEK Dissilio*


Environmental awareness, cost and time savings can be perfectly combined with the ENERGY-LIGHT-Package for the Dissilio.

With following smart functions, the energy efficiency can be controlled and improved:

  • Wake-Up Timer - for a planned start of the heating of the water bath, it is no longer necessary to run the heating overnight to start working quickly
  • Sleep timer - for a planned switch-off of the water bath heating

The ENERGY-LIGHT-Package offers additional ecological, time and financial benefits - "SIMPLY SMART".


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*specifications are subject of change without further notice

Part NoDescription
0499.0031 ENERGY-LIGHT-Package for Dissilio

additional package (firmware for the Dissilio with additional useful features to save energy, money and time:
- Wake-Up-Timer for starting the heater automatically
- Sleep-Timer for switching of the heater automatically

Can be retrofitted

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