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The USP specifies the use of a square stationary basket for felodipine prolonged-release tablets. The Felodipine Basket for the Dissilio corresponds to USP 26. The Felodipine Basket is made of precision welded 316 stainless steel steel mesh and the basket is securely attached to a rod and will not bend or break easily. The basket also has a small flap to prevent the tablet from falling out of the basket during the test.

USP 26 requires the use of a basket that is placed at an exact distance from the shaft and the paddle. This in turn requires the use of a special vessel cover, which we also offer.

Important considerations:

  • The Felodipine Basket Method offers a possible solution to problems associated with floating, sticky and swelling dosage forms.
  • While the use of sinkers can solve similar problems, their final position in the dissolution vessel can still vary, which can lead to variations in test results. These deviations can be prevented with the stationary Felodipine Basket.
  • The suitability for the respective application must be checked.


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Part NoDescription
STABSK-VK8 Felodipine Quadrangular Basket, 8 Mesh, 316 SS
DEPSET-SB 1cm Stationary Basket Spacer
DEPSET-SBA 1cm Depth Set Tool for Stationary Basket, Black Delrin, Serialized with 1 year calibration


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