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Dissilio Multiple Speeds

Multiple Speeds for the RIGGTEK Dissilio


If desired, the Dissilio can optionally stir not only with one speed, but the Dissilio TX8 can stir with two different speeds and the Dissilio TX16 with up to four different speeds. Different configurations (see picture gallery) are possible. The different stirring speeds with otherwise identical method parameters enable faster and more flexible method development, a higher number of tests in the same time or other stirring of blank and/or reference media.

  • Dissilio TX8: 6 to 8 positions with up to two different speeds (see picture gallery)
  • Dissilio TX16: 12 to 16 positions with up to four different speeds in three configurations (see picture gallery)

Of course, all positions can also stir at the same speed at any time. "Multiple Speeds" thus offers even greater variability for individual requirements - "SIMPLY SMART".


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Part NoDescription

Additional Speed/Motor, for RIGGTEK Dissilio

additional motor for one additional Speed /RPM for RIGGTEK Dissilio at time of order
DTX8: maximum one additional Speed possible
DTX16: maximum three additional Speeds possible
Different speed(s) only useable with same other method parameters.

Can be retrofitted by authorized distributor.