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Dissilio Paddles

PADDLES for the RIGGTEK Dissilio  


Paddles are subject to very strict tolerances according to the Pharmacopeias. RIGGTEK paddles meet these high quality requirements in a wide variety of designs and always confirm this with a certificate.

The paddles are screwed onto the shafts, with the height adjustment between paddles (USP2) and baskets (USP1) taking place automatically.


Paddles for "Small Volume" applications can be found under DTX Small Volume.


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Part NoDescription
1201.0022 Paddle Blade, for RIGGTEK Dissilio, Electropolished 316 SS, serialized and with Certificate of Conformance
1201.0023 Paddle Blade, for RIGGTEK Dissillio, 316 SS PTFE coated, serialized and with Certificate of Conformance