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Dissilio Qualification Tools

Qualification Tools for the RIGGTEK Dissilio


Our qualification tools are suitable for dissolution test devices from various manufacturers and are tailored to RIGGTEK devices. Wherever possible the qualification tools are delivered with a certificate.


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Part NoDescription


RIGGTEK LevelProbe, for RIGGTEK Dissilio, height setting/measuring tool, 316SS, serialized, inkl. CoC


RIGGTEK AxisProbe, for VARIANTE, centering measuring tool, serialized, inkl. CoC


Digital Verticality Tester, for RIGGTEK Dissilio, Multi-Instrument, Serialized, Perfect for the new ASTM E 2503-07 Mechanical calibration requirements to check basket and paddle shaft verticality as noted in ASTM E 2503-07, chapter 4.5.2 which states: ">Use an accurate digital level device to determine that the shafts are vertical in two directions 90° apart around the vertical axis while the drive unit is in the operating positio"> no certificate, because this instruments has a self-qualification


Thermometer 3710, for RIGGTEK Dissilio, high precision Pt100, without sensor, incl. certificate


Sensor for thermometer 3710, for RIGGTEK Dissilio, Pt100, incl. certificate


Wobblemeter with certificate, for RIGGTEK Dissilio, incl. vessel cover, brackets, serialized incl. 1 year calibration


Tachometer, for RIGGTEK Dissilio, light-reflext-technology, incl. reflex-tape and certificate


Stopwatch, for RIGGTEK Dissilio, memory for 50 measurings, incl. certificate


Adjustment tool for vessel plate, for RIGGTEK Dissilio, set of two discs