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Dissilio Storage Compartments

Storage drawers for the RIGGTEK Dissilio 


The storage drawers for the Dissilio are a typical "SIMPLY SMART" feature.


The accessories for every dissolution tester usually include paddles, baskets and sampling cannulas, which must be stored in such a way that they can be assigned to the individual dissolution tester at any time and are protected from damage.


The storage drawers of the Dissilio are space-saving and always ready to hand positioned directly under the base plate of the Dissilio. They are shaped in such a way that 8 paddles and 8 baskets including wallet holders find their place in an orderly manner. Of course, other accessories can also be accommodated there. The accessories for the Dissilio are always neatly stowed away and protected against damage and confusion.

With the Dissilio with 6 to 8 positions, one drawer is standard, another can be added on request, with the Dissilio with 12 to 16 positions, two drawers are standard.


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Part NoDescription
1401.0004 Drive shaft only, for RIGGTEK Dissilio, 316 Stainless Steel, OD 10mm, serialized with Certificate of Conformance
0401.0129 Drive shaft only, for RIGGTEK Dissilio, 316 Stainless Steel PTFE coated, OD 10mm, serialized with CoC 
0401.0124 DTX shaft carrier, 1 pcs