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Intrinsic for the RIGGTEK Dissilio 


Intrinsic dissolution (also called "Wood Apparatus") can be defined according to USP chapter 1087 as the rate of release of a substance under constant surface conditions. It differs from the more conventional USP methods that, that only the surface of 7mm in diameter is in contact with the dissolution medium.

This can be used to determine the release of the pure active ingredient (API) or a loose powder, which is important for understanding the effect when developing new drugs.


The intrinsic set consists of a plate that enables the "die" to be securely held in the press. The punch is pressed into the "die" with the press in order to press the active ingredient according to the instructions. The "die" with the pressed-in active ingredient including the punch is then screwed onto the shaft with the holder. According to our motto "SIMPLY SMART", the standard shaft can be used.

We also offer the individual parts of the Intrinsic Set for individual assembly.


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Part NoDescription


Intrinsic Dissolution Set, for RIGGTEK Dissilio, serialized, Set includes 1 each of the following: Spin On/Off Holder-10mm OD apapter, 8mm Punch, 8mm Die, Gasket, Surface Plate

1201.0055 Intrinsic Spin On/Off Holder, for RIGGTEK Dissilio, with 10mm OD adapter, Electropolished 316 SS, serialized

Intrinsic Punch and Handle, for RIGGTEK Dissilio, 8mm, serialized, corrosion resistant hardended steel


Intrinsic Die, for RIGGTEK Dissilio, 8mm, includes Gasket, ElectropolisheId 316 SS, serialized


Intrinsic Gasket for RIGGTEK Dissilio


Intrinsic Surface Plate, for RIGGTEK Dissilio, with Screws, 316 SS, serialized