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Sampilio X8

Dissolution Autosampler

The SAMPILIO X8 represents a new generation of dissolution autosampler with patented* Small-Volume diaphragm pumps for fast sampling intervals and very low cross-contamination.


Innovative patented fluid handling technology

The SAMPILIO X8 uses no conventional peristaltic or syringe pumps, but patented small-volume diaphragm pumps (RIGGTEK patent*).

The disadvantage of a conventional sampler with peristaltic pumps is low precision and short lifetime. The problem with syringe pumps is the non-compliance with the FIFO (First In - First Out) principle, a huge dead volume or high dwell volume. This results in long sampling intervals, time inaccuracy or mixing during sampling (First In - Last Out) and a high cross-contamination.

By contrast, SAMPILIO's diaphragm pumps work precisely and maintenance-free for many years. The FIFO delivery principle with low dead volumes finally makes the dissolution analysis comparable to manual sampling! So  accuracy in time and synchrony as well as minimal cross-contamination, very short sampling intervals and minimal volume loss are guaranteed!


Extensive ease of work

The unique delivery system with individual, bi-directional pumps for each channel opens up a wide range of applications such as staggered or individual sampling per channel or media replacement with the optional transfer module. The Sampilio X8 can easily be connected to all common dissolution testers. Drivers are available for different DISTEK- and Copley-Dissolution Testers, others on demand.


The standard browser interface for the Sampilio X8 integrates it quickly and easily without software installation into your IT landscape and enables you a much more easy operation with your PC. Instead of doing extensive entries on the keypad of the Sampilio X8, you can use alternatively the convenient and intuitive operation on the (Internet) browser of your PC. In particular, the administration of methods, reports and users with their user permissions can be carried out quickly. You will not miss a touchscreen at the device for starting the preparation and dosing. With the optional "CFR Package" a 21 CFR part 11 compliant use of the Sampilio X8 is possible and the optional "Backup Package" ensures an automatic backup of your data. For more information about the browser interface, go to "Information" or have a look in the video.


The SMART FEATURES of the Sampilio X8:

 Sampilio smart features


Summary of all advantages of the Sampilio X8:

  • results comparable to manual sampling (FIFO principle)
  • Low cross-contamination
  • low dead volume and volume loss
  • very short sampling intervals (2 minute intervals)
  • staggered sampling is possible for each channel
  • simple handling, cleaning and maintenance
  • easy integration into your IT landscape via the "Browser Interface"
  • Simple and intuitive method, report and user administration with the "Browser Interface", replacing the administration via the instruments buttons
  • NEW: individual role assignment via the browser interface
  • NEW: "Parent-child functionality" for easy method, user and access rights transfer
  • NEW: optional 21 CFR Part 11 compliance available for the browser interface
  • NEW: optional electronic signature via the browser interface including audit trail commenting
  • NEW: optional manual or automatic backup
  • Media replacement possible with optional Transfer Module
  • unlimited number of sampling runs with rack-change
  • calibration and validation protocols ensure a gapless documentation (GLP)
  • interface for network and printer
  • easily connectable to all common dissolution testers
  • Communication to Dissolution testers
  • ISO 9001 certified production - Made in Germany


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*Patent Numbers: US 8,899,101 ; DE 102011008024 ; JP 5662189


Part NoDescription
0400.0003 RIGGTEK Dissolution Sampler Sampilio X8 (6 lines)

Most important features:

100% USP/EP/JP compliant

Short sampling intervals

Low cross-contamination

great time savings and easy to use

Automatic cleaning

Print via USB, LAN or PDF

Browser Interface for operation via PC

Control and management of dissolution testers

Minimum space requirement