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Digital Depth Gauge



The correct height setting between the "agitator" (e.g. paddle or basket) and the bottom of the vessel / glass vessel is a crucial factor in the dissolution tester, which can significantly influence the results of the dissolution test. Setting the altitude out of tolerance can change the hydrodynamics of the medium in the vessel and distort the release rate.


With the "Digital Depth Gauge" you can easily measure the height of all dissolution testers - especially those with "Low-Head" - and thus set it precisely, even with vessels with a small diameter or with a large height such as 2l vessels. Inaccurate measurements and difficult handling as with balls of different sizes are a thing of the past.


The "Digital Depth Gauge" is attached to the bottom of the shaft and then brought into the working position. Read off the currently set height between the agitator and the bottom of the vessel.


For more height measurement tools, see Qualification Tools and the QLA Catalog under Brochures.


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Part NoDescriptionOEM Ref
DDAPT-CH 25mm Blade Style Digital Depth Gauge for use with all Dissolution Baths - especially also for Closed Head Dissolution Baths like from Sotax, Serialized with 1 year calibration, includes Case QLA
DDAPT-Q 25mm Blade Style Digital Depth Gauge (Works with All OEM's with High Head EXCEPT Hanson-Vision & Sotax), Serialized with 1 year calibration, includes DEPSET-25 and Case QLA