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Qualification Tools

Qualification Tools for Dissolution Test instruments


Our Qualification Tools are suitable for Dissolution Test instruments of different brands / manufacturers and specially matched to RIGGTEK instruments. As far as possible, all Qualification Tools will be delivered with certificate.


Qualification Set for Dissolution Testers

We adjust our Qualification Set as far as possible to your brand of Dissolution Tester and your demands. Just contact us.



All offered balances are matching to the specifications of RIGGTEK instruments, but are also suitable very well for all other kinds of Dissolution Test instruments.

Part NoDescription


balance for calibration 10kg / 0,1g  incl. certificate


balance for calibration 2,5 kg/ 0,01g incl. certificate



Our Barometer is for the use with our DissoPrep (X8 or X15), but also suitable very well for other applications.

Part NoDescription


Barometer complete, with certificate



Our Thermometer is useable in many ways, very reliable and precise.

Part NoDescription


Thermometer, high precision, Pt100, complete with certificate



Our Axis-Probe is used for measuring the centering of the shafts of Dissolution Testers and very easy to use. It is useable for all open (High-Head) Dissolution Testers.

More information you find here.



Our Level-Probe is used for measuring and setting the correct distance between paddles or baskets and the bottom of the vessels at Dissolution Testers. The distance can be easily measured and / or setted to the wished distnace. It is useable for all open (High-Head) Dissolution Testers.

More information you find here.


Depth Setting Tool for Small Volumes

The DEPSET1015 is the perfect solution for adjusting the height correctly between Vessel-bottom and paddle or bakset at Small Volume applications.

More information you find here.



Measure the Wobble of shafts and / or baskets of Dissolution Testers very easily and precisely with a Wooble-Meter, which can be easily fixed to the vessel. It is useable for all open (High-Head) Dissolution Testers.

More information you find here.


Spirit Level

With our certified Spirit Level you can quickly check the horizontality or verticality.

Part NoDescription


Spirit Level "Crystal Diamond"


Digital Inclinometer

Our self calibrating Digital Inclinometer makes a precise measuring of the horizontality or verticality fast and easy for you - best use for the EMC.

More information you find here.



Our Tachometer is suitable for 2,5 to 199999 RPM and can measure with light or contact.
Accuracy: +/- 0,05 % + 1 digit
Measuring resolution:
0,001 (0 … 99 UpM);
0,01 (100 … 999 UpM);
0,1 (1 000 … 9 999 Upm);
1 (10 000 … 199 999 UpM)

Part NoDescription


tachometer, light-reflext-technology or contact, incl. reflex-tape and certificate



Our Stopwatch makes a precise time measuring easy for you.

Part NoDescription


stopwatch, memory for 50 measurings,  incl. certificate


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