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Digital Verticality Meter



The extended mechanical qualification (EMC - Enhanced Mechanical Calibration) according to ASTM E 2503-07, chapter 4.5.2 or the FDA guideline DPA-LOP.002 requires the use of an accurate digital spirit level to determine the verticality of the sockets:


"Use an accurate digital level device to determine that the shafts are vertical in two directions 90° apart around the vertical axis while the drive unit is in the operating position"


The verticality of the vessels should also be determined. A conventional manual spirit level is too inaccurate, the Digital Verticality Meter from QLA allows easy and precise application to the shaft with the V-shaped depression in the contact surface. Together with the stable aluminum frame, the verticality of each shaft can be measured very precisely in seconds.


For more height measurement tools, see Qualification Tools and the QLA Catalog under Brochures.


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Part NoDescriptionOEM Ref
1305.0010 Digital Verticality Tester, Multi-Instrument, Serialized

compact size to fit for every use (e.g vessels that have rims that protrude inside the vessel ID): WxDxH 58mm x 28mm x 68mm.
V-Groove for shaft-measuring.
VERTMET-MI Digital Verticality Meter, Multi-Instrument, Serialized with 1 year calibration QLA