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Wobble Meter



The wobble or the swinging / deflection around the actual target axis of the shafts due to an inclined installation position or bent shafts is a variable that can significantly influence the results of the dissolution test. The pharmacopeia have therefore specified strict tolerances here. However, measuring these small deflections is difficult.


The QLA Wobble Meter is very easy to use. With a variable cover holder that can be securely fixed to all common vessels, it has a fixed anchor point for the dial gauge, so that the few micrometer deflection can also be measured precisely. Previously offered wobble meters did not have this fixed anchor point and you had to fix the anchor point by hand, whereby a slight tremor could cause a deflection of a few micrometers.

The wobble meter is firmly connected to this lid holder and can then be aimed at the shaft or the basket.

The Wobble Meter from QLA can be easily and quickly mounted at any vessel position on all High Head Dissolution Testers. The flat plastic head prevents damage to the shaft when spinning and the large display allows for easy reading of the deflection/wobble. This makes this wobble meter the best qualification instrument for wobble measurement at an affordable price.


For more height measurement tools, see Qualification Tools and the QLA Catalog under Brochures.


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Part NoDescriptionOEM Ref
WOBMET-MI Wobble Meter, Multi-Instrument, Serialized with 1 year calibration QLA
WOBMET-HRV Wobble Meter for Hanson Vision, Serialized with 1 year calibration QLA