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Immersion Cell

Testing of semisolids with paddle method (USP 2)


Testing so-called semisolids - such as ointments, creams, lotions and gels - is often a difficult and time-consuming task. The so-called "Vertical Diffusion Cell" - also called the "Franz Cell" - is often used for this purpose, but it has to be tempered and flowed through at great expense! The "Immersion-Cell" is an alternative described by the USP, Chapter <1724> for testing semi-isolables. Despite the easy use with the USP-Apparatus 2 (Paddles) it is less well known.

The advantages of the Immersion-Cell are:

  • Can be used in any dissolution tester (also from other manufacturers) with a 200mL - Small Volume Paddle Conversion Kit with 200mL Flat Bottom Vessel.
  •  Easy filling of the Semisolids into the Immersion-Cell. The desired volume is adjustable.
  •  Easy membrane attachment.
  •  Easy tempering with the water bath of the dissolution tester.
  •  Release with the paddle method, no susceptible flow principle.
  •  Sampling as usual with the paddle method (mechanical or automated).

We are offering you both possible versions - Model A (with adjustable chamber) or Model B. PVDF, Tuffryn Polysulfone and Strat-M membranes are available as membranes.

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