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Dissilio Float-A-Lyzers

Float-A-Lyzers for the RIGGTEK Dissilio


FLOAT-A-LYZER - BIOPROCESSING via dialysis and dissolution tester


The Float-A-Lyzer® from Repligen offers a unique, simple possibility in bioprocessing to test liquid nanoparticle formulations, microparticle formulations and suspensions by reliably separating the released active ingredient from the carrier material by means of dialysis and thus securing it that the test gives accurate results of the release rate. The chart in the picture gallery shows that a large number of pore sizes and molecules are ideally suited for dialysis.

The Float-A-Lyzer® is a unique, leak-proof and ready-to-use device and consists of a high-purity biotech cellulose ester (CE) membrane. The Float-A-Lyzer® is available in different lengths (for 1-10ml) and 9 different exclusion limits / "Cut-Offs" (NMWC / MWCO) from 0.1 - 1.0000kD.

The screw cap and the supplied pipette enable easy loading, intermediate tests and sampling without the risk of needle sticks. The Biotech CE membrane has good chemical compatibility and tolerates pH 2-9 and temperatures of 4-37 ° C. Exposure to most organic solvents is not recommended and should be confirmed in the chemical compatibility table of Repligen.



  • 3 ready-to-use volume sizes (1 ml, 5 ml & 10 ml)
  • 9 Concise MWCOs for Better Selectivity and Separation
  • High purity Biotech Cellulose Ester (CE) membrane leakproof and
  • color-coded screw cap complete with swim ring and pipette


However, the Float-A-Lyzer® is not ideal on its own because it can swim around in the test vessel and is thus exposed to different, non-reproducible currents. Therefore, the ideal addition to the Float-A-Lyzer® is to use a qualified dissolution tester like the Dissilio and the Float-A-Lyzer® holder for the Dissilio! The Dissilio always offers reproducible and qualifiable flows. In the Dissilio it can be fixed in two ways and thus deliver absolutely reproducible results.

1. With USP1 (basket method) for less current, also available for small volumes

2. With USP2 (paddle method) for more current (requires vessel cover with hole for "Stationary Basket")


The Dissilio thus offers the possibility of expanding its field of application to include the area of "bioprocessing" - "SIMPLY SMART"!


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Part NoDescription


Float-A-Lyzer Holder for RIGGTEK Dissilio Clip Style Basket Hub, Delrin, Use for 900mL to 2000mL with 1mL, 5mL or 10mL Float-A-Lyzer


Float-A-Lyzer Holder with Adjustable Threaded Shaft for RIGGTEK Dissilio for use with APP 2, 3.29” (83.5mm) length, 316 SS and Delrin, needs vessel cover with hole for Stationary Basket