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DissoPrep X8

Dissolution Media Preparation Station


The DissoPrep X8 is the innovative original Media Preparation Station with a high-precision gravimetric working principle.


The Dissolution Medium Preparation Station DissoPrep X8 (until 08/2008 DosaPrep X8) has been proven since 1998 and today is the market leader. Quality that pays off for you!

Continuous development and restriction to the essential functions ensures the highest dosing and mixing accuracy with proven reliability. Since 2012, the DissoPrep X8 has been supplemented with the DissoPrep X15 with a large 15-liter tank to simultaneously fill up to two dissolution testers. Thus, the DissoPrep series is flexible for all possible purposes and, together with the unique working principle, your guarantee for convenient and high-precision media preparation and dosing.


The outstanding feature of our DissoPrep is the gravimetric working principle without liquid pump(s) according to the USP method, this means that Mixing and dosing is done by vacuum and pressure with continuous weight measurement.

The suction through high vacuum (typically <100mbar) with simultaneous filtering, heating and stirring guarantees a long and efficient degassing process according to the USP method. The continuous, high-precision measurement of the weight delivers the correct standard volume for your medium required by USP at any desired temperature. Because of the know issue, that different media have different densities at different temperatures, only the measurement of the weight provides the correct standard volume. In addition there are no inaccuracies with foaming media, in contrast to the volume measurements with liquid pumps. So foaming media can be mixed with the same high precision and can be dispensed directly into the vessels. This working principle assures absolute reliability and reproducibility of medium preparation and dosage.


The DissoPrep X8 not only assures a reproducible and highly accurate preparation and dosage of your medium, but also rewards you with a considerable relief of your daily work routine. Compact dimensions allow the use as a desktop device or mobile on a laboratory cart to flexibly reach any dissolution tester. More than 100 different stored methods can be retrieved flexibly. Within about 12 minutes, up to 8 liters of dissolution medium are prepared and according to the guidelines of the USP, EP, JP, FDA and GLP / GMP tempered, mixed and degassed. Thereafter you can conveniently and precisely dose it directly into the vessels and a report is automatically generated for your documentation. An automatic cleaning process cleans the system afterwards.

The standard browser interface integrates the DissoPrep quickly and simply into your IT landscape and enables you to easily manage methods, reports and users via your (Internet) browser. With the optional "CFR Package" a 21 CFR Part 11 compliant use of the DissoPrep is possible and the optional "Backup Package" ensures an automatic backup of your data.


Summary of the features of the DissoPrep X8:

  • highest reliability due to the absence of liquid pumps
  • reproducible, high-precision gravimetric working principle (typically <0.1%) according to the USP process including filtering, heating, degassing, (mixing) additive, stirring and dosing directly into the vessels, even with foaming media (surfactants up to 3.5%)
  • An inlet for premixed medium and an inlet for additives to be admixed (acid, buffer, surfactants) for flexible use - also connectable to demineralised water supply
  • fast and convenient medium preparation of up to 8 liters in approx. 12 minutes
  • quick and easy dosing directly into the vessels within seconds (3m tube length)
  • Weight per vessel adjustable from 100g-8000g in 1g increments
  • simple operation via two-line display
  • storage capacity for >100,000 methods and reports
  • easiest integration into your IT landscape with the browser interface
  • simple and clear administration (e.g. method, report and user administration) with the browser interface
  • NEW: individual role assignment via the browser interface
  • NEW: "Parent-child functionality" for easy method, user and access rights transfer
  • NEW: optional 21 CFR Part 11 compliance available for the browser interface
  • NEW: optional electronic signature via the browser interface including audit trail commenting
  • NEW: optional manual or automatic backup
  • Complete documentation incl. achieved vacuum and degassing time (GLP) - Printout via USB, LAN or pdf
  • compact dimensions, can be used as a desktop device or mobile on a laboratory cart
  • automatic cleaning process of the system
  • with calibration and validation protocols of vacuum, temperature and standard volume (weight)
  • USP / EP / JP / FDA compliant
  • ISO 9001 certified manufacturing - Made in Germany


For more information, see the drop-down box under Brochures, Information, and Videos. For example, our comic will briefly show you how our customers inspired us to build the DissoPrep and why it has convinced so many customers. Our video demonstrates the unique working principle.


For more information on the DissoPrep X15 with 15 liter tank for simultaneous filling of two dissolution testers, see DissoPrep X15»


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Most important features:

100% USP/EP/JP compliant

Highly precise mixing and dosing

Quick and easy to use

Automatic cleaning

Easy management with browser interface

Print via USB, LAN or PDF