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Dissilio TX16 eco

Dissolution Tester


We have developed our dissolution tester "Dissilio TX16 eco" for you under the following premise:



This means that we have aimed everything towards simplifying your everyday work with the Dissilio through clever solutions - whether using the Dissilio in development or quality control.


Reliable, flexible, innovative and easy to use

SIMPLY SMART primarily means RELIABLE. Quality standards according to ISO 9001: 2015, combined with "Quality through Design", guarantee the highest standards of accuracy, performance and reliability to minimize ongoing laboratory costs. Simply "Made in Germany". Naturally, the current specifications of the European, United States and associated Pharmacopoeias are complied with. With state-of-the-art electronics, the Dissilio is a leader in dissolution testers and will continue to reliably meet the growing demands placed on modern laboratory equipment in the future.


SIMPLY SMART also means FLEXIBLE. The Dissilio TX16 eco adapts flexibly to your needs. For example, it is available with 12 to 16 positions - as TX8 with 6 to 8 positions, up to 4 motors for different stirring speeds,  all kind of dissolution accessories such as Intrinsic, USP6, Immersion Cell and much more (Dissilio Accessories). Most importantly, it is also available with vessels of different manufacturers and sizes. The possibility to use vessels from various manufacturers eliminates the last major variable in the dissolution testing and makes cross-validation only a matter of form when switching to Dissilio. Different packages make it possible to order your Dissilio with the functions which you really need. For example, additional functions such as CFR compliance with electronic signature, backup to USB or servers, energy-saving options, etc.. In case that your requirements change in the future, functions can easily be subsequently activated and mechanical components can be retrofitted. Further customization options will follow in the future and can be retrofitted or booked at any time. You have the choice and possibility to configure your Dissilio individually and flexibly according to your needs.  


SIMPLY SMART furthermore means INNOVATIVE. With our innovative solutions we offer you new comfort. Our standard "Browser Interface" allows you to access your Dissilio simply via web browser interface, without any additional software installation. This enables you to supervise the current status of running methods or to manage methods conveniently from your workplace / PC. The integration into your network is simple and also enables - in addition to LIMS capability - printing of the reports on any network printer without additional driver installation. Don't waste your time on software validation, just use the browser interface. Date and time can be taken over from a NTP server. And with the optional "Active Directory Package" all user and login settings are taken over from Windows, so no additional password management is needed for the Dissilio. The optional "parent-child function" enables to easily transfer methods, users and other settings from one Dissilio (parent) to other Dissilios (child). The qualification menu in the optional "Q-Package" guides through the individual steps and makes qualification child's play. Subsequent activation of functions is done quickly and makes your Dissilio future-proof. The modular design will enable further interesting variants in the future.


SIMPLY SMART, last but not least, means EASY. This we relate to easy handling and operation. It starts with the safe insertion of the vessels with automatic centering and edge protection, automatic height adjustment between USP1 and USP2, easy access to the vessels for taking samples, easy cleaning of the water bath and, ultimately, simple, intuitive operation via the 7 "touchscreen or the browser interface on PC. Of course, the Dissilio can easily be integrated into the company network and any USB or network printer can be easily connected. Many other small details, such as integrated drawer for paddles, baskets and other accessories round off the ease of use.


The SMART FEATURES of the Dissilio summarized:

 Dissilio smart features


All of these specifications and functions have one goal only - MAKE YOUR EVERYDAY WORK EASIER!

And they ensure that the Dissilio is your ideal partner for use both in development and quality control. The Dissilio is flexible to meet your individual requirements, nnovative to accelerate your progress and prepared to easily replace previous dissolution tester from other manufacturers. Trust in precision, passion and experience in mechanical engineering "Made in Germany" - trust your Dissilio!


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Part NoDescription
0400.0007 Dissolution Tester Dissilio TX16 eco, 12 to 16 positions


The most important facts - SIMPLY SMART:

100% USP/EP/JP compliant

Robust and reliable

Wide range of accessories

7" Touchscreen with intuitive menu structure

Browser Interface for operation via PC

Use of vessels of different manufacturers

Smart Interfaces like Active Directory

CFR-Compliance with electronic signature

Smart details like storage compartments for accessories